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Forklift Training Tennessee

Forklift Training and Certification in Tennessee

Becoming a forklift driver in Tennessee takes more than just the desire to run a forklift. There is a lot of training involved in the process, and you have to ensure you're safe to drive such heavy machinery. Here is how you do it.

First you must have an OSHA-certified trainer at your company to teach the Forklift Training class to you. If your company does not have a trainer of their own, they will usually bring a person in from an outside private company to train any aspiring employees. If your company cannot do that, then check around for Schools and Colleges that will offer the course to you. There are many throughout Tennessee that offer this.

The course length varies depending on who is teaching you, but usually takes less than three hours to complete. You will receive a booklet from your instructor showing you OSHA standards for Forklift driving, which is the required Safety standard in Tennessee, and it will show you the different operation techniques that you will be expected to know. You will have to learn how to take care of a forklift, the right ways to lift many different objects, and how to maintain stability. You will then either be required to take one or two written exams depending on what Forklifts your company asks you to operate, and then you will have to undergo a driving exam to show that you can use the equipment.

If you have passed these, then congratulations! You will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a card showing that you are a certified Forklift Driver that you can keep in your wallet. You should keep it there in case you are ever asked if you are qualified by an inspector. Becoming a forklift driver in Tennessee isn't too hard, but the knowledge can help you for a lifetime.

The average salary as shown in the chart below for Forklift Drivers in Tennessee is approximately $25,000. Some of the higher paying forklift operator jobs in Tennessee are typically in the larger cities such as:

Memphis TN
Nashville TN
Knoxville TN
Chattanooga TN
Clarksville TN
Murfreesboro TN
Jackson TN
Johnson City TN
Kingsport TN
Hendersonville TN

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